February 08, 2016
Dear Perfect Prospect,

We haven’t met yet, but we know you’re out there, sharing your big ideas, making the world spin a little faster on its axis. We can feel your work in the things that make us gasp and go, Right on! Like the non-profit that helps millions of families get access to free parenting tools. Or the company that’s reducing gunfire around the world so parents can raise their children in peace.

You’re probably just like all the driven people in this world- you insist on surrounding yourself with positive, disciplined and insanely talented people. Maybe you even break out in song because you just can’t believe how lucky you are to do the work you love.

You might be surprised how quickly & well our teams will start working together, how committed we are to bringing your vision to life.

So until we meet in person, keep dreaming big. When you’re ready to find us, we’re here, cheerful, alert, and humming along, more or less in tune.

The team at Next Step