Next Step operates at the intersection of marketing & behavioral science

By infusing your marketing with the latest insights on how people really make decisions, we're able to influence your customers' hidden decision-making process and remove friction from the buying process.

Design is the medium; bettering human lives is our ultimate focus.

We get a thrill out of putting powerful tools to good use. That’s why we seek mission-driven companies, ones that are creating a meaningful and measurable impact on the world, from making communities around the world safer with real-time alerts of illegal gunfire to education programs that lift students out of poverty and onto a solid career path.

Shirin Oreizy Forbes Inverview

Listen to Shirin discuss our bold and responsible use of behavioral science in her recent Forbes interview.

Our Brand Promise:


We use science to drive behavior in a positive and responsible way. With every project we hold ourselves accountable for the welfare of our clients, our team, and society at large.


We’re fascinated by human behavior. Curiosity drives every interaction, from our initial meetings to sparking a connection with your customers.


At every stage of the project, we use best practices to deliver better, more timely results.

Our Clients

While we love helping global enterprises boost their conversion rate by 600%, we’re equally devoted to our small but mighty startups. It’s what you’re doing that awes us.

  • AppSense
  • Stanford University
  • Lincoln Institute
  • SK Telecom
  • TEDx
  • California Water Service

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