Senior Applied Behavioral Scientist

Type: Part-time / Contract (to start)

Ranging from 10 hrs/wk to 25 hrs/wk depending on your availability & the number of projects you’re advising. Opportunity to increase to Full-time employment with benefits.

Location: Fully Remote, must be in U.S. time zone

Compensation & Benefits: We invest in first-rate people and pay top-of-market salaries for most positions, factoring in experience and talent. Professional development & excellent benefits for employees.

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We are looking for seasoned Behavioral Scientists with a minimum of 5 -7 years applied experience in finance/fintech and/or healthcare/digital health. Your role will include advising and overseeing the work of our team of researchers. Specifically, you’ll help design qualitative and quantitative research and oversee the team who will be executing the research. You will also be meeting regularly with our clients (senior executives in marketing, product, research) to give them practical/actionable advice on using Behavioral Science in their day to day projects.

You'd be a good fit if you have:

  • Graduate Degree: With a focus on Behavioral Science, Psychology, Research Methods, Economics, Human-computer Interaction (HCI), or similar.
  • Experience: Min 5-7 years of applied experience. Must have industry/work experience. We are not hiring junior people or people with academic backgrounds only.
  • Areas of Expertise: Applied experience in finance and/or health, preferably for tech companies. Applying Behavioral Science in a marketing context and digital product design.
  • Client Management Skills: Have strong client management skills. Ideally at a behavioral consultancy or as a behavioral scientist at a company.
  • Communication Skills: Highly effective & persuasive communicator. Ability to be the main counterpart to senior decision-makers at large fortune 500 companies and lead stakeholder presentations.
  • Research Method Expertise:
    • Statistical analysis tools such as R, Python, or SQL.
    • Survey and experimental design with tools such as Qualtrics or
    • A/B Testing in marketing channels (paid social, email, SMS, etc).
    • Experience eliciting insights from design, behavioral, and/or market research to inform product or process decisions.

Your day to day:

Every day is different depending on the project and objectives, but you can expect to support and lead projects through:

  • Client Discovery: Evaluating data, understanding target metrics, differentiating between product knowledge, intuition, and assumption.
  • Ideation: Generating solutions for client challenges based on scientific literature and through participating in team brainstorm and prototyping sessions.
  • Experimentation: Supporting the design and building of both large and small scale randomized control experiments of rigorous quality.
  • Communication: Cogently present research findings to senior executives in oral and written formats.

We don’t need you to manage the research projects as we have a team of project managers & account strategists responsible for the day to day management of projects.

We also don’t need you to run Qualitative interviews as we have Qual Researchers but we need you to guide them on writing study questions, analyzing results and how we present findings to clients.

Our sales team may loop you into prospect meetings where we need subject matter expertise or in helping craft proposal scopes.

Types of clients & projects:

  • We primarily work with tech companies and social impact organizations.
  • Type of client challenges we’ve faced:
    • How do we encourage sign ups for a new savings app.
    • How do we increase the number of women that sign up for 401k or use financial planners and tax advisors?
    • How do we increase enrollment in mental health benefits?
    • How do we improve adoption for a feature that existing users already have access to?
    • Understand if a vanity number resonates with audience.
    • Developing scripting for sales teams to increase client satisfaction and booking rates.

What we need:

If this sounds like a good fit to you, please submit your resume and a brief cover letter.

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So, that’s you... Now what about us?

We are a Behavioral Design Agency that helps companies harness the power of Behavioral Science for good. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach, bringing a team of mixed method researchers, creatives, marketing & product strategist to solve our clients mission critical challenges.

We work with a wide range of clients from fast growing startups like Ellevest (helping improve the financial well being of women) to household names like AAA (helping them appeal to a new generation of users) and social impact organizations like Santa Clara Housing (providing affordable housing to the underserved). As an industry influencer we get to speak about our work at Stanford, NYU, TechCrunch and Global Experience Summit and our work is regularly featured in Forbes, and INC. Research is the backbone of everything we do including fostering a culture based on the latest research in human happiness.

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