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Liquid Stock

Build Brand Awareness for New Financial Product


These days, startups are staying private longer. And for shareholders, that can be frustrating. They’re rich on paper, but can’t make a down payment because most lenders won’t recognize private shares as collateral. And they don’t want to sell shares anyway- there’s far more upside to waiting.

That’s where Liquid Stock comes in. This advisory and investment firm helps shareholders unlock the value of their shares while still maintaining ownership.


Although Liquid Stock had already won backing from major institutional investors, they were creating a new type of financial services and needed to build credibility among shareholders and their advisors. How could we help them build trust leveraging Behavioral Science?


We made it easier for shareholders and their advisors to envision the benefits of working with Liquid Stock by creating marketing collateral that focused on transparency and real-world examples. We facilitated informed comparisons by using the concept of relativity: graphs and brief narratives compared Liquid Stock’s solution to others on the market and the costs associated with each.

Liquid reported that the targeted pitch-decks we created helped facilitate conversations during client meetings. We’re currently testing several paid social ads to attract and convert new prospects unfamiliar with this new asset type.

Liquid Stock Color scheme design
Liquid Stock Collateral
Liquid Stock Collateral
Liquid Stock Collateral