UN Design


The United Nations & the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy wanted to show an integrated view of urban planning and fiscal information for a global database of cities. They wanted to elevate the importance of municipalities’ fiscal health to city leaders, investment banker, academics, and advisors. To do that, they needed a website that would be able to scale up quickly to include over 190 cities, with a clean design and easy visualization.


When planning for the future, the teams were not aware of the data surrounding urbanization and therefore,

not able to appropriately plan fully. How could we create a comprehensive home for this important city data?


We utilized transparency in our design to ensure that the data was the star of the show. By highlighting the important aspects of the information, we brought new ideas to the forefront for leaders

who didn’t have time to search. Our clean design made it simple to add more cities to the program and increase access & transparency with respect to fiscal and urban planning indicators.

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