Science of Design Talks: Sign Up Flow Optimization

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In our first Science of Design Talks webinar, we covered how startups can increase product adoption at the top of the funnel using Behavioral Science. However, we all know you can perfect your startup's value propositions all you want, but if your sign up flow isn’t properly optimized, it's leaking users and revenue!

This webinar will show you how to stop “hacking” and start getting predictable results. We explain how you can use a proven scientific methodology to uncover the psychology behind your user's decision-making to acquire and activate users. If you’re ready to skip the guesswork and create a reliable roadmap, this webinar is for you.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Introduction to Behavioral Science & why it’s relevant for startups
  • Scientific Methodology for applying it to your Sign Up flow
  • Real-life examples of Behavioral Science applied to the sign up flow to acquire and activate new users
  • Examples from Fintech, B2B SaaS startups and more

Who should watch:

  • CMO’s, VPs of Marketing & Growth, Head of Demand Gen, Head of Product
  • Startups in growth stage


Shirin Oreizy
Shirin OreizyFounder & CEO@ Next Step
Brad Swain
Brad SwainChief Behavioral Scientist@ Next Step

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