Adapting to Your Customers’ Mindset in a COVID-19 World

On-Demand Webinar

Marketing has never been as challenging as it is now during COVID-19 and uncertain economic times. The good news is, Behavioral Science can provide a roadmap on how to optimize your marketing and outreach efforts with the science of how humans really make decisions during times of uncertainty - and how you can harness this knowledge to re-think your marketing communications.

In this live webinar we cover:

  • What Behavioral Science teaches us about the human mindset during times of uncertainty.
  • How you should rethink your messaging to adapt to your prospects & customers new mindset.
  • Which Behavioral Science principles you should use to keep prospects and customers engaged during these difficult times.
  • Q&A with the audience.


Shirin Oreizy
Shirin OreizyFounder & CEO@ Next Step
Brad Swain
Brad SwainChief Behavioral Scientist@ Next Step

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