M&A Advisory Firm Moves the Mobility Ecosystem

Capstone is an M&A advisory firm focused solely on the transportation industry. They help established auto suppliers, as well as later stage autotech and mobility companies, secure their future in the mobility ecosystem.


Although recognized as a global leader, particularly among East Coast established automotive companies, Capstone had its sights set on the autotech market out West. Capstone had a superior funding model: startups got a lump sum of money and the relationships that let them scale.

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When Capstone came to us they were marketing their alternative funding solution to startups at all stages. But when we conducted qualitative research by speaking with founders, board members and even VCs in the field, we discovered a pattern: startups that were Series C and on were much more receptive to this form of funding than those at earlier stages. We used this insight to leverage a Behavioral Science insight called “Shrinking the Zone of Acceptance”.

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