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Capstone is an M&A advisory firm focused solely on the transportation industry. They help established auto suppliers, as well as later stage autotech and mobility companies, secure their future in the mobility ecosystem.


Although recognized as a global leader, particularly among East Coast established auto suppliers,

Capstone had its sights set on the autotech market out West. Capstone had a superior funding model: startups got a lump sum of money and the relationships that let them scale. Even though eliminating the constant rounds of fundraising is clearly superior to the traditional VC funding model, many prospects didn’t want to take the time needed to understand and trust an alternative funding model. They came to us for help with the strategy and messaging that would resonate.


We started by helping Capstone hone in on their true target market: not just startups per se, but late stage startups.

After Series B, companies need more capital than most VCs are willing to invest and more time than they are willing to give you. It’s no longer about moving fast and breaking things; it’s about merging well and scaling up. By “shrinking the zone of acceptance” with language and concepts that were highly relevant and easy to compare with known models, we made this new funding model feel familiar, yet groundbreaking.

We’re currently gathering quantitative results on the newly launched site, but early results are very promising. Check back here for the full case study.

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