Enterprise software sales increased by 890% with Behavioral Science marketing


IGEL is a global leader in endpoint management solutions. They were known for their hardware, but it was actually their software that was revolutionary.


How could we get the market to recognize them as a software-first company? Repositioning them would help them scale. A new direction required new branding, messaging, and a revamped website.


Through our discovery sessions, we uncovered that IGEL sells to 3 different personas: the IT Pro, CIO, and Security Pro. Each person has different needs and friction points around adopting the IGEL endpoint management solution.

Learn how we used Behavioral Science to reposition IGEL and effectively sell their value prop to each of their 3 audiences.

  1. Give them a healthy dose of the unexpected and keep it simple

    Surprise is a powerful communication tool. It jolts people into paying attention. We took advantage of that Behavioral Science tactic and used revolutionary in its simplicity as a platform to talk about IGEL’s software. Learn more about memorable messages.

    We also came up with their brand promise: simple, smart, secure. Simplicity is key: the average adult can only keep 5-9 chunks of information in their brains at a time. By keeping it short and using familiar language, we can ensure the IGEL message will stay in their prospects’ working memory.

  2. Meet them where they already are

    In our workshops, we discovered that virtualization projects were the impetus for all 3 of their personas reaching out to IGEL. We knew that instead of focusing on random products and features, we would get the best results if we figured out where the user was in their path to virtualization and started their journey with IGEL there.

    Before IGEL Website Before
    After IGEL Website After

  3. Match each persona with the end benefit they care about the most

    We know from Behavioral Science that we need to consider the emotional reasons why people buy. We had 3 personas and each one required a unique way to be convinced. The IT Pro cares about how the IGEL software solution will make their life easier. The C-level executive cares about reducing operational costs and future-proofing his company. The Security Pro cares about reducing risk.

    So, we matched our brand promises of simple, smart, secure to each persona, reflecting what they care about the most.

  4. Help them rationalize the decision

    People make decisions with the limbic part of the brain and they post-rationalize with the neocortex, which reacts best to facts & figures. After we appealed to the prospective customers’ emotions through familiar language & humanizing the brand promise, it was time to back up our claims with facts and figures.


The IGEL website redesign and repositioning of IGEL as a software company was a resounding success. In the first half of 2017, their software sales increased by 890%.

  • Shirin Oreizy
    Shirin Oreizy
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    JoAnne Tobias

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