Next Step Findings Featured in Forbes: Do Pricing Bundles Work for Real Estate?

When prospects get overwhelmed by complexity, they bail. When you offer complex services or products, you need to take this bias into account. Research shows us that people prefer bundling of complex products, but does this hold true for real estate?

Our client Reali asked us to find out. We ran experiments testing what would happen when people thought about the complexity of real estate. Would they choose the bundled version or evaluate the sequential option?

The results were clear: consumers who saw real estate as "complex" were 3x as likely to value bundled products. Bundling helped free up customers’ time and stress, reducing the barriers for making a decision.

Read the recent Forbes article, How Consolidated, Bundled Real Estate Offers Can Serve Homebuyers, to read more about these findings and how you can use them to serve consumers in the homebuying process.

  • JoAnne Tobias
    JoAnne Tobias

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